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Diagnostics and Planning

With NemoCast all models will be digitally stored, with all the benefits that involves.

The program enables you to view the models in a convenient way for the orthodontist and patient: side, frontal, occlusal and articulated models.

  1. Orientation of models.
  2. Identification of the occlusal plane.
  3. Contact points.
  4. Teeth segmentation.
  5. Identification of the tooth axis and the roots.
  6. Calculation of the Andrews plane.
  7. Final position of the teeth.
  8. Movement sequence.
You will be able to superimpose models to assess progress and the result of treatment.
The software allows you to transfer the Planning to the Patient's Mouth with complete accuracy. It enables the use of both Brackets as well as Aligners.
If you wish, we have special packs for scanning models.


The model converted into a 3D digital file is analysed virtually with the utmost precision. In the event of aligners, the movement of the tooth can be predicted through a sequence. In the case of brackets, these are accurately positioned in the optimum position for each client.
The software digitalises models in 3D, so there is significant space-saving.
The software enables you to plan each case of orthodontics for brackets or aligners.

The brackets are positioned using an Indirect Cemented Positioner.

In the case of aligners, the patient will complete their treatment with fewer appointments.

Thanks to the software, you can use the planned sequence to compare case evolution very simply.

Efficient Communication

Clearly explain the diagnostics and treatment.

Show your patient what the results of the treatment will look like. You can also show them this using treatment progress images, which will encourage both the patient and their loyalty.

Your patient will understand perfectly a 3D image of his anatomy and the 3D planning of implants and prosthesis.

NemoCast stores all Registers, Photos and Planning of each Patient, managing these in a simple way and allowing rapid access to the records at any time.
The sum of your professionalism, the use of the best technology and giving clear information will increase the acceptance of quotations.
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