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Diagnostics and Planning

NemoSmile Design 3D allows you to import records in series of images and to view them in presentation layouts based on the type of series you wish to use.

Perfect horizontal calibration is essential when working with the photograph. The scaling and rotation tools supported on horizontal and vertical reference guides enable you to quickly and accurately focus and standardise your diagnostic photographs.

The same thing happens with the models. It is important to calibrate them perfectly with the photograph so that they adjust perfectly.

Using digital printouts, NemoSmile Design 3D allows you to perform three-dimensional smile analysis of your patients. The projective photographic mapping can put the benchmark facial and labial framework into the three-dimensional smile assessment of your patients.
Once we have identified the Arch Curve and the Segment with which we want to work, we select the teeth from the vast library and modify the position, rotation and shape of the teeth to create the perfect smile.
Having finalised the Mock-up, this must be calibrated with a photograph to create the Virtual Mock-up and lastlyy perform the final adjustments to generate complete harmony with the patient's features.


The complete program library offers you a wide range of options to select the most appropriate teeth for each patient, based on functional as well as aesthetic criteria.

Thanks to the virtual design, you will be working on the real photograph of the patient and will be able to adjust each detail to create the perfect smile.

You will be able to show your patients the final result before commencing, which will improve the ratio of acceptance and satisfaction of your patients.

NemoSmile Design 3D can be combined with other Nemotec software if you are looking to offer a more complete digital treatment plan.
Our software has been designed in collaboration with dentists that have lengthy experience in the Digital Design of Smiles.

Efficient Communication

... and more so if it is in 3D. Redesigning the smiles of your patients and being able to show them this with their actual photograph can increase their wish to undergo the treatment to achieve the results they are seening.
Show your patient what their perfect smile will look like.
Using the most advanced technology will generate confidence in your patients and you could increase the number of quotation acceptances.
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